The Deer Are Back!

Bucks in the Back Yard Last Winter

After several months of not seeing any deer in our back yard, we’ve seen several does each day for the past few weeks. Don’t you wonder where they’ve been all summer? I wonder if deer take summer vacations in the mountains to get away from the heat, and if so, how they all get across the Garden State Parkway on their way to the Poconos or wherever they go.

About ten years ago we hardly ever saw any deer at all, and each sighting was a special occasion and a special treat. For the past few winters, we’ve seen multiple deer several times each day, and not just the usual does and fawns. Since we’re surrounded by water on three sides, how’d they get on our peninsula? Did anyone see them sneaking over the Oceanic Bridge?

Now that they’re back we know that they’re going to enjoy more and more of our garden plants. I’m going to plant some garlic around  the borders of the vegetable garden to discourage them next year. It’s hard to get too mad at them, though. Most people around here have a “live and let live” attitude, and it’s actually fun to see the deer cleaning out the sunflower seed bird feeders in the winter. When the squirrels do the same thing, we don’t seem to enjoy it as much.

Seeing the deer is just another one of the pleasures of daily life here on the peninsula. There’s something very rewarding about being able to enjoy the little things in life that we almost take for granted, whether it’s catching a humming bird at the window feeder in May, seeing the bright yellow flash of a goldfinch sitting on a branch in the summer, or enjoying watching the snow gently cover the lawn and the trees in winter.  There’s beauty all around us every day, we just have to take the time to experience it.

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