Light When You Need It

Most people in our area are environmentally conscious, and do their part in reducing the waste that we throw out into the trash. One way to do this is to use rechargeable batteries instead of buying new ones and throwing out the used ones.  A few years ago I bought a package of two plug-in power outrage LED lights at Costco. The product is the Durofix 435, and it’s pictured above. I’ve had several plug-in emergency lights in the past, but none of them provided  very much light when you needed it, and the plug-in flashlight that I had last gradually wore down to the point where it produced very little light when you needed it.

I’m glad to report that this little device works like a charm- it gives you a REALLY bright light! You can unplug it from the power receptacle at any time and use it as a flashlight or a work light. If the house power ever does go down, it comes on automatically. You can have all 24 LED lights on (the default setting), or you can set it for half that many if you need less light or if you want the charge to last longer. These little devices were great to have in the aftermath of hurricane/tropical storm Irene. Each one is bright enough to light up a decent sized room.  Our power was only down for about 22 hours and we only used the Durofixes for a total of about 8 hours, so I can’t say how many total hours they’ll stay on without discharging all of their power. If you went to a store the day before Irene hit, you know that batteries and flashlights were completely gone. You might want to invest in a little plug-in like this so you won’t have to worry the next time the power goes out. Can anyone recommend another power outage light that is as good as or better than this one?

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