What’s That On My Lawn?

Part of a Fairy Ring On My Lawn

We’ve been having more than our share of rain in the past few weeks. The grass is growing faster, and the vegetable garden doesn’t appreciate the lack of the full sunlight that it’s used to. But the glass is always half full, so you look for the positive side of things, including lots of rain.

Some people may not appreciate the mushrooms that grow in their lawns at times like this, but I’ve always thought that it’s fun when they show up as fairy rings (i.e., mushrooms growing in a circle). I know it’s a normal kind of thing, and yet it does seem to have some magic about it. After all, you normally just see a mushroom here and there, and not in a definite ring. So when we do find one, we tend to leave it alone and not cut the grass there until the mushrooms pass their prime. Of course there are some people who still remember old legends and folklore about fairy rings being evil places you should avoid. I prefer the legends that say they are formed by fairies or elves dancing.

My grandmother used to talk about gathering mushrooms in the woods in Poland, and how important it was to tell which ones were edible and which ones weren’t. I never learned much about mushrooms, but I often wonder if the ones that pop up in our yard are edible. After all, when you look at the recent crop (in the picture above), some of them look so good that they SHOULD be edible. Then you look at others, and you see a perfectly shaped little slit on one side, almost like on a sand dollar. Does anyone know what kind of mushrooms those are?

It’s things like fairy rings that remind us to slow down and enjoy the beauty that’s all around us. After all, how do those mushrooms know to grow in a circle? This IS a magical place to live- do you think some elves could have picked our lawn as a place to dance?

Have a great weekend!


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