Half Empty or Half Full?

We’ve made it through almost a full week since we turned the clocks back an hour last weekend. How do you feel about it? By now most people are used to the change, and have accepted the fact that sun sets earlier in the day than it did last week. Still, there are a few diehards out there who keep grumbling about “hating to give up daylight savings time”, or “hating to see it getting dark so fast”.  You know a few people like that, don’t you? I suspect they’re the same folks who have a problem with almost anything that changes.

Sure, things have changed, but they ALWAYS change when summer gives way to fall, and fall gives way to winter. The leaves give up their green and change to yellow, red, or brown; then they fall off. The temperature gets colder, and we put away the short-sleeved shirts and bring out the winter coats (don’t forget about the winter clothing drive- see the October 30th post).  You can’t change these things from happening, but you certainly can take charge of the way you respond to them.

It’s the old half-empty vs. half-full question: the facts are the same, but how you react to them is a choice that’s up to you. When you go to work, or when you go to a party, you’ll be surrounded by different kinds of people. Who are the ones that you like to talk to, and like to be with? The ones who are always complaining and who never have a nice thing to say about anyone? Of course not! You like to be around people who are friendly, happy, full of hope and confidence. Why? Because spending time with negative people tends to make you more negative, too- it’s contagious. Spending time with positive people is contagious as well- you tend to be more upbeat yourself when you’re around other people who are upbeat.

So on those cold nights when you have to take the dog for a walk or put out the trash, take a bit of time to look up at the sky. You’ll tend to see a lot more stars on cold, crisp nights than you see on a warm, hazy summer nights. Look- there’s Orion, and there’s the Big Dipper- constellations you learned back when you were a kid. Do you remember how great it felt the first time you learned how to find Polaris, the North Star?  Try finding it tomorrow night, just to see if you can still do it. Don’t worry, though- this is an “open book” exam, so if you can’t find it in the sky, go back in and Google it. And the next time you hear someone complaining about how soon it gets dark now that we’re back on Standard Time, tell them to lighten up- in just 6 weeks the days will start getting longer again.


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