Why Do We Call a Football Field a “Gridiron”?

I enjoy going to live football games. I had season tickets to Penn State (where I went to grad school) for about 20 years, and we sometimes drove out to State College and drove back on the same day (it’s a 5 hour trip each way). I still know the words to the original version of the school song. When I attended there, one of the verses had the sentence, “thou didst mold us, dear old State, into men, into men”.  To be politically correct the words were changed to “thou didst mold us, dear old State, dear old State, dear old State”.

For all of the years that I’ve attended football games or watched them on TV, I knew that the football field was called a “gridiron”, but I never cared to find out why that was. Here’s a link to You Tube that gives us the answer:


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