A Flower in December

All of us miss the flowers that bloom profusely in our gardens during the spring and the summer. Fall gave us a few flowers, but most of them were gone by early November. The rest of the leaves fall off the trees, and other than the green grass, we’re left in a world of browns and grays.

Yes, we think the bright red holly berries are beautiful, especially with a backdrop of shiny green leaves. You prepare yourself that holly berries will be the only signs of color you see from now until the crocuses bloom. And then you spot it- a little white flower on an azalea, or a violet bloom on a rhododendron. So you come closer to take a look, and you find that there are several other blooms on the plants. Not as big as the one that initially caught your eye, and not very many, but still, there’s more than just one single flower.

Aren’t little unexpected gifts wonderful? Something as simple as seeing a little flower can lighten your mood and keep you happy all day. What if you had missed seeing it? What if you were so busy or so focused on something else that you didn’t notice that little flower in December? It would have been a shame, wouldn’t it?

So slow down, and try to leave behind the noise, the flashing lights, and everything else that’s too much stimulation. Make some quiet time just for yourself in whatever way works best for you. It might be a walk through the garden to see if you can spot anything else that’s unexpected. It might be looking up at the starry sky on a clear night, or looking for the meteor showers as we did earlier this week. It might be meditation, or prayer, or concentrating just on your breath. The best part is that it doesn’t have to be for very long; not hours, but minutes (5 or 10 or 30 or whatever number you can commit to on a daily basis). It shouldn’t be that hard, should it? Try to do it just for the next week (today until next Wednesday). It will be a new habit that you’re glad to have acquired!

Len Dunikoski

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