Giving Sincere Compliments and Finding Beauty in Ordinary Things

All of us are busy. Really busy. Too busy.

We have a hundred “important” things to do, and at the end of the day it always seems that we’ve left something undone. In our haste we take lots of things for granted, like our families and friends, our health, the experiences we’ve had and the places we’ve been to.

So what can we do about it? To me the first place to start is how we interact with people, and especially the people who are close to us. Let’s each try to give out a few more compliments during the day, starting with a hug or an “I love you” to that very special someone in our lives. Then let’s move on to the people we meet as we go through our day.

You know how great you feel when someone gives you a compliment, so how about giving others compliments as well. Be sincere- it can be something simple like commenting on how great they look wearing a certain color, or how nice a piece of jewelry is that they’re wearing. Yes, if you’re talking to a co-worker I know that someone in Human Resources is going to warn you that saying something nice to a co-worker can be considered to be a form of harassment, but tell him/her to get over it! A compliment that’s sincere and sincerely given is rarely misunderstood.

Before I became a Realtor I was a hospital Vice President. I remember giving 5 poker chips to each of my department heads and asking each of them to put them in their left pocket. Then I told them that during the day, each time they give someone a specific, sincere compliment they should move one chip to their right pocket. The compliment could be almost anything: how well someone did their job, how kind they were to a patient or family member, or anything else specific and recent . I told them not to forget the housekeepers, the food tray passers and the others who had the lowest-paying jobs and who were complimented all too infrequently. And I told them that at the end of the day if they had any chips left in their left pocket, they were overlooking lots of good things that were going on. After all, a common complaint from staff members is that they are always chewed out when they make a mistake, but almost never  recognized for all of the good work they do.

You can use 5 pennies and do the same thing. However, in addition, do YOURSELF a favor and spend a little time looking around to see the beauty all around you. It can be while you’re stopped at a traffic light, or when you’re on an errand, or even just when you’re walking into your own house. The photo above is a close-up of something in the grass that caught my eye this afternoon. It reminded me of an onion dome on a Russian church, or the Taj Mahal. Some would say it ruined the look of a perfect green lawn, but to me this little mushroom or toadstool just made my day.

So here’s YOUR “homework assignment” for today: slow down, give some sincere compliments and find something beautiful in the ordinary things around you.

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