Lucky 13

At our house, power was restored late yesterday afternoon, 13 days after we had lost it due to Hurricane Sandy. Hats off to the men of Thompson Electric of Munroe Falls, Ohio who worked all day on the downed lines and damaged poles on our street. The photo above was taken in front of a home on River Road, and it expresses the feelings of all of the folks in our area who’ve had their electric power restored. It felt soooooo good to have a hot shower again!

This was a once-in-a-century storm, and all of us will be talking about it for a long time to come. Long after the damage has been repaired and the trees grow back, we’ll remember how everyone pulled together to get through the aftermath. Neighbors helped each other, and we had lots of donations of food, clothing, blankets, water, ice, etc. A tent city was set up on the grounds of Monmouth Park so the hundreds of out-of-state utility workers could have a place to eat and sleep. A staging area was set up in Fair Haven Fields for the Alabama Power trucks. With no generator to keep things cold, Crazees gave away free ice cream until all of it was gone. We had long gas lines for the first few days because most gas stations had no power to run the pumps. Gov. Christie instituted a mandatory Odd/Even gasoline rationing system.

Stress brings out the best and the worst in us. While most people buckled down and did whatever it took to get through it, a small number of complainers found fault with almost everyone: the power companies, the Mayor, the Governor, the President, the Superintendent of Schools, you name it. On the day after the storm hit, I couldn’t believe that someone who had power, heat, telephone and hot water was complaining that Comcast still hadn’t restored her cable TV and internet! Poor baby!

There were people in Atlantic Highlands, Sea Bright, Monmouth Beach, etc. who lost everything, and they’ll take a lot longer to recover. Please do anything you can to help them out.

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