France, Italy or Spain?

If you could fly to Europe and spend a week or two there, where would you go? Would it be to someplace where English was spoken widely, like England or Scotland? Would it be to someplace where you could brush up on the foreign language you learned in high school or college? Would it be to a country from which your forefathers migrated?

True, it is January, so you might want to pick one of the warmer countries like Greece. Wait a minute: isn’t  Greece the place where the whole Euro crisis started? Maybe you should avoid Greece, and the other PIGS (Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain) nations. Then again, take a look at this beautiful country home:

France Italy or Spain

Doesn’t it look inviting? If you could fly to wherever it was, would you go? If so, where do you think it is? Ah ha! There must be a clue in the crest of arms that’s painted on the building! Isn’t the flag on the right side green, white and red? If I remember correctly, isn’t that Italy’s flag? All you’d have to do is find those Introductory Italian CDs and practice a little spoken Italian for a while, and then you’d be all set. Buongiorno, signore!

Wait a minute. Haven’t you seen this “country house” before? Isn’t it a lot closer to home than somewhere in Italy? Let me know if you know where it is.


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One Response to France, Italy or Spain?

  1. Mary Ellen Mastricova says:

    HI Len

    This house is on River Road in Rumson. I pass it every time I’m going to the office and love it!!1 It is a beauty!! And does look like it is in Sweden or Switzerland!!

    MaryEllen Mastricova Sales Representative Cell: 201 906-5558 Diane Turton Realtors 8 W. River Rd. Rumson, NJ 07760 Bus: 732 530-6686 Fax: 732 450-8910

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