A Bird Bath in the Back Yard

Nana's Bird Bath

There’s an old bird bath in my back yard. In the summer I try to keep it filled with water because I love to see the birds splashing around in it or just having drinks of water. They look like they’re happy, and that makes me happy.

Now that it’s winter, the bird bath is dry and birds don’t visit very often. The old concrete squirrel seems to show its age even more than usual, but after all, it’s a very old bird bath. My parents gave it to me when they moved out of their home about a decade ago, and it originally belonged to my dad’s mother when she lived in Elmhurst, Queens. This was Nana’s birdbath, and I remember her every time I look at it.

Nana loved her garden and she loved the birds that visited it. She had a multi-family bird house on top of a tall metal pole about two stories high. I don’t remember whether it was a Purple Martin house or some other kind. Below it, in the shade, was Nana’s bird bath, and she made sure it always had water during the warm weather months. She was born in 1900, so it always was easy to remember how old she was. Even though her chronological age was old, she seemed to have the energy and spirit of a much younger person. Do you think the flowers and the birds helped keep her young?

So back to the present day: I’m glad I have Nana’s old bird bath in my back yard. It has a crack in the concrete base, and as I said, the concrete squirrel is gradually being eroded away by the wind and the rain. Just about everyone else would think it was an old piece of junk. None of that matters to me, though. This old, eroded, cracked piece of concrete brings back wonderful memories, and when the warm weather comes and I fill it with water again, it will bring back the birds.

Do you have some sort of a “Nana’s bird bath” in your home? If so, tell me about it!


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