9 More Area Towns

Thursday’s post, “Beyond Rumson and Fair Haven”, resulted in several people asking about real estate in towns that weren’t listed in that post. Some were nearby, and others were a little farther away. As a result I added a few more towns to our database:


Median Sales Prices: 2012 2011 Change
Atlantic Highlands $330,000 $305,000 8%
Colts Neck $627,500 $692,000 -9%
Highlands $225,000 $239,000 -6%
Holmdel $653,250 $712,000 -8%
Marlboro $475,000 $490,000 -3%
Middletown $380,000 $373,000 2%
Red Bank $344,900 $340,000 1%
Spring Lake $1,450,000 $1,450,000 0%
Tinton Falls $345,000 $340,000 1%

Yes, we know that home prices vary dramatically in different parts of Middletown and you can say the same for Holmdel, Red Bank and some of the other towns on the list. Still, when we want to we can always drill down and look at specific neighborhoods like Oak Hill, Locust, etc.

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