Spring Cleanup

White Pine Branches2

What a great first day of Spring we had yesterday! I took advantage of the nice weather to do a bit of yard work. A few weeks ago we had a winter storm that brought high winds with it, and several of our older trees lost branches in both the front and back of our house.

I have a love/hate relationship with white pines. They’re good in that they grow quickly and give you both privacy and noise absorption. On the other hand, wind or heavy snow is very hard on them, and they seem to be the first trees damaged. It was easy to load some of the smaller branches onto the cart and take them to the street, but the larger branches had to be cut into smaller pieces. Fortunately the gasoline chain saw started easily, and made quick work of even the thickest branches. A little carting, a little raking and the lawn was back to normal.

One of the nice things about working around you house yourself is that you get to see what’s going on with your plants and shrubs. Although none of our daffodils are blooming yet, I did see some yellow in the tips of the shoots, so hopefully we’ll see some flowers next week.  It makes me want to spend a lot more time outside!


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