Fair Haven Home Prices by Number of Bedrooms

This 4-bedroom home at 89 Hendrickson Place sold in August for $579,000

This 4-bedroom home at 89 Hendrickson Place sold in August for $579,000

Last week we looked at the 2014 selling prices of Rumson homes by the number of bedrooms, and today we’ll do the same for Fair Haven. For Fair Haven as a whole, 2014’s median sales price was $715,000 (7% higher than in 2013), and the average sales price was $827,075 (3% higher than the year before).

Searching through my own database of Fair Haven home sales, here’s the breakdown by the number of bedrooms:

Beds        Number            Average            Average            Sales $ vs.                 Median                                       Sold              Sales Price      Listing Price         Listing $                    Price

2                      5                 $327,400        $347,980                94.1%                  $325,000

3                     24                $645,250        $666,669                96.8%                  $535,000

4                     52                $882,827        $919,833                96.0%                  $792,500

5                       9               $1,012,111     $1,064,544                 95.1%                  $750,000

In addition, two 6-bedroom Fair Haven homes sold in 2014, one on Battin Road for $1,990,000 and the other on Kemp Avenue for $2,495,000.

The numbers above should help you if you’re thinking of buying a home in Fair Haven this year. If you’re a young family and had looked only at Fair Haven’s overall median sales price of $715,000 (the price at which 50% of the homes sold for more and 50% sold for less) you might have concluded that you can’t afford to buy in Fair Haven. However, when you look at 3 bedroom homes and see that the median sales price was $535,000 you get an entirely different picture.

It’s clear that most Fair Haven homes have 4 bedrooms, and if you’re looking for a 4 bedroom home, the actual median price is higher than Fair Haven’s overall median price. In a bit of a surprise, the median price for 5 bedroom homes was lower than that for 4 bedroom homes (but only 9 homes sold with 5 bedrooms).

I’ve lived in Fair Haven since 1975 and I love this town. If you’d like to look at homes in Fair Haven I’d be glad to show you what’s available in your budget range- give me a call! You’re probably already looking for homes online, and that’s great. However, remember my recommendation: if you find a home you like, don’t call the Listing Agent (even if it’s me). The Listing Agent has a fiduciary responsibility to negotiate the highest selling price for the Seller; you want a Realtor® acting as your Buyer’s Agent to negotiate the lowest selling price for you.


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