First Snow for Rumson-Fair Haven Homes

Rumson home sales snowfall

January 18, 2016: the First Snowfall of the Winter

Yesterday we had our first snow of the 2015-2016 winter season. It started with just snow flurries that melted when they hit the ground, but later we actually saw about half an inch of accumulation. Rumson homes are pretty when they’re covered in snow (so are Fair Haven homes). I noted only a few homes without any snow on their roofs- probably an indication that they need more attic insulation. By the way, I recently saw an article that said adding attic insulation actually increases the value of a home by more than the cost of the installation; one of the few home expenses that really pays for itself.

Yesterday also was a holiday: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. While listening to WQXR on the radio I heard Newark-born Bass-Baritone Dashon Burton sing one of the most beautiful versions of “We Shall Overcome” that I’ve heard in a long time. You can listen to a sample of it here:


Rumson Fair Haven Realator

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