Dyngus Day!

Polish Boys Soaking a Girl on Dyngus Day (by Nationwide Specialty Co., Arlington TX

Polish Boys Soaking a Girl on Dyngus Day (by Nationwide Specialty Co., Arlington TX

Dyngus Day, the Monday after Easter, is a day of fun celebrated in Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and by the Polish diaspora. It’s a day when boys sprinkle or douse girls with water in a somewhat flirtatious way. The origins of the custom are unknown, and although there have been attempts to link it to baptism with water, it probably goes back to pagan traditions. Fast forward to the 21st century, and most of the sprinkling is done with water guns. Boys mainly throw water on girls they like or would like to get to know better, and attractive girls can expect to be doused many times by the end of the day. Girls get their “revenge” on Tuesday, when the roles are reversed.

There are often parties on Dyngus Day, and it’s seen as a day to let loose and have fun after the somber days of Lent and the religious celebrations on Easter. I’ve never been to a Dyngus Day party, but I’ve read about the really wild parties held in Buffalo, NY, where they’ve added a tradition of drinking lots of Krupnik (a Polish honey liqueur). There’s lots of singing and dancing, and the boys often ask to dance with the girls they splashed earlier in the day. The perfect time to get to know each other better.

There’s plenty of time left in the day. Guys, go find those water guns- Dyngus Day is a day when everybody’s Polish!

If you’re waiting for the connection to local real estate, it isn’t coming. There’s absolutely no link to buying or selling a home, it’s just a day when I wanted to write a post about something that’s fun and that most of you didn’t know about.


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