Where’s the Bike Lane?

Bike Lane Sign

A pole-mounted reflective bike lane sign.

2015 was a great year for bikers (cyclists) in our area. Designated bike lanes were added in Red Bank, Fair Haven, Little Silver and Rumson. Some are marked by post signs, and others by painted images or pavement marking tape images on the street itself.

Rumson bike lane

A bike lane marked by pavement marking tape and lines on both sides,

In our area, the standard symbols for bike lanes are either a bicycle pointed to the left, or a stick figure cyclist on a bicycle pointed to the left.

Rumson realtor

A Red Bank bike lane marked with painted symbols, but no lines on the sides.

One of the people laying down a pavement marking tape image wasn’t paying attention, and the bike and cyclist ended up pointed to the RIGHT (see image below). I’ve only seen one like that- do you know where it is?

Someone wasn't payinh attention when this pavement marking tape was laid.

Someone wasn’t paying attention when this pavement marking tape was laid.

The movement to encourage using bikes instead of autos is gaining momentum throughout the country. After all, when you’re riding a bike you’re getting good exercise, seeing more of the beauty around you, and helping reduce pollution from gasoline engines. Safety is a common concern of both bikers and motorists, so adding bike lanes to existing streets requires enough room to accommodate both vehicle and bike.

Some parts of the country are ahead of us, using “protected bike lanes”, where posts or physical markers visually separate the lane without using a true continuous physical barrier. Another way to make motorists more aware of bikers is to use green-colored pavement, as recommended by the National Association of City Transportation Officials, NATCO, whose web site is here. Of course, this takes additional funding, and maybe we’ll see green bike lanes in our area a few years from now. In the mean time, in addition to using bike paths in our area such as the Henry Hudson Trail, we can cheer the folks who designated our new local bike lanes, that one fellow not withstanding.

If you’re biking, my recommendations are to wear a bright-colored reflective vest, preferably one of the inexpensive ANSI Class III reflective vests with short sleeves so there’s additional reflective material on it. Also put a high-intensity random flashing headlight and tail light on your bike, and turn them ON when you’re riding, even during the day.


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